Cutting Edge Technology

Who We Are

OLBN is a full service architectural and engineering firm providing Architectural, Engineering and Construction (A/E/C) support services for both Governmental and Commercial Clients, with our primary project types being interior office space, laboratories and transportation facilities. We are passionate about the integration of best-in-class professionals with leading edge technology, in a collaborative work environment, to consistently advance both the products we deliver and the processes we utilize to deliver them. 

OLBN – Passionately Delivering Innovative Solutions.

Our Team

Our people are at the core of everything OLBN accomplishes as a firm.  Period.  We constantly strive to build a close-knit team of professionals with diverse industry experience, who share a passion for innovative product delivery, and care about each other.  We are committed, as a team, to the success of our clients, our people, our teaming partners and our firm.  Whether in the office or the field, we approach challenges with enthusiasm and professionalism, finding solutions through combining innovative technologies with our architecture, engineering, and construction management expertise.

Our Approach

OLBN tackles every endeavor with passion – passion to assemble a best-in-class project team; passion to integrate leading-edge technology with professional experience and technical expertise; and most importantly the passion to deliver, hand in hand with our clients, success of their organizational objectives.

 At OLBN, we believe that all successful projects, regardless of size or complexity, must share fundamental core principles:

  • A Plan :  Clear objectives and a path to deliver them
  • Resources :  The right team and technology
  • Teamwork :  Respect and professionalism, collaboratively creating success for all stakeholders
  • Communication :  Open, honest and transparent
  • Commitment : Meeting the objectives of our clients on their schedule
  • Flexibility :  Knowing that the best solution is often times not the first or easiest solution

Continue the Conversation?

We love talking with professionals and industry peers who share our values and passion.  If you’d like to continue the conversation, just reach out!